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SAP Business One ERP Software Customer Success from Native Trails


Native Trails

Luxury kitchen and bath 
products manufacturer

San Luis Obispo, California

Number of Employees:
200 employees



  • Handling increasing number of SKUs from 300 to 2000
  • Minimal ability to determine when to purchase raw materials from vendors
  • Lack of control over inventory turns and real-time reporting of their entire operations
  • Minimal ability to anticipate customer demands and predict inventory levels


  • SAP Business One provides full visibility into all areas of the business
  • Material Requirement Planning (MRP) in SAP Business creates recommendation for purchase orders and production orders based on the current status of transactions in the system
  • Intuitive solution that is easy for customers to do business via a customer portal add-on
  • Instant reporting that offer an in-depth view of their business operations and customer purchasing behavior


  • Ability to anticipate customer demands for increased accuracy of materials and inventory
  • Supports continued business growth by streamlining warehouse and inventory management of new product SKUs (stock keeping units)
  • Scalable ERP foundation that supports their entire business operations for future growth

SAP Business One was able to provide us with a MRP system that substantially increased the accuracy of our purchases and allowed us to have better control of our inventory turns.

Teresa Murray

Accounting Manager, Native Trails


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