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Chelford Farm Supplies

Retailer, agriculture, farming, horse riding

Chelford, England, United Kingdom

Equestrian clothing and footwear, farm supplies and machinery, shooting equipment





  • Difficulty managing complex multichannel sales orders with disparate business systems.
  • Inventory count errors caused by time-consuming manual data entry.
  • Need for increased inventory management capacity to meet customer demand.

Why SAP Business One

  • Flexible ERP solution integrates with retail operations with eCommerce website.
  • Inventory management capabilities provide greater stock and cost control.
  • Automated processes create time savings that allow employees to focus on serving customers and growing the business.


  • Automation of manual processes saves three days’ work per week to reallocate to value-added tasks.
  • Robust order and inventory management system saves thousands of pounds in revenue.
  • Access to detailed customer information provides enhanced customer service abilities.

Chelford wanted to ensure the ERP application the company purchased was the best system money could buy on a small to midsized enterprise budget. After seeing a software demonstration, we were impressed by SAP Business One’s flexibility and ability to integrate with our retail and online business."

Sarah Kranz, Finance Director

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