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Read the story of CoVenture, an investment firm based in New York City that provides capital to emerging businesses innovating in the fields of finance and technology. Though the company’s work focuses on innovative ways to leverage technologythe growing firm was still running entry-level accounting software. 

In this case study, you’ll find out how CoVenture’s legacy system was consuming time and resources due to its limitations. Discover the pains the investment firm was experiencing, the research process that informed their decision to implement Sage Intacct, and the results Intacct has driven for the company. 

Find out the impact Sage Intacct has already produced for CoVenture, including:

  • Monthly close cut from 50-60 hours a month to as few as 6 hours 
  • Automated complex financial management across 30 profit centers 
  • New visibility into key metrics to better manage the business 
  • More time to focus on strategic initiatives 


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