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Web Portal Add-ons for SAP Business One

We live in a self-service world—we expect the information we want whenever and wherever we want it.

The Vision33 web portal add-ons for SAP Business One deliver self-service access to real-time information in SAP Business One anytime, anywhere, on any device.



Customer Portal

Customer Portal gives customers a secure, flexible, and personalized self-service gateway to view their accounts in a standard web browser.

With Customer Portal, you can:

  • Service customers globally
  • Offer self-service
  • Ensure secure access
  • Build your brand
  • Accept online payments
  • Manage orders with the Order Pad add-on

Learn more about the solution or download the complete overview.

Employee Portal

Employee Portal puts your employees in the driver’s seat with a real-time, web-based solution that’s seamlessly integrated with SAP Business One. Employee Portal’s toolset and flexibility allow employees to work where and when they need to.

The Employee Portal offers:

  • Responsive design
  • Real-time, on-demand data access
  • Ability to view and modify reports
  • Complete report customization
  • Customization and saving of report formats
  • User-level security
  • Full support for displaying user-defined fields

Learn more about the solution and mobility enhancements for sales personnel and expense reporting.

Download the complete overview

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